The Charm of a Horse-Drawn Carriage

There’s a lovely surprise, at the Central Park of Granada. A line of decorated horse-drawn carriages which are usually driven by their owners or relatives. They have vast knowledge about the history and traditions of the city, and they definitely like to share it with tourists who decide take a ride arround town.   Today, […]

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8 MUST DO activities in Granada (Part 2)

Today we continue with our list of the activities you must do to make the most of Granada: 4. An Open Air Museum: The Cemetery This place has the best mausoleums in the country.  In its tombs rest poets, musicians, guerrilleros, politicians and even jewish guests. Granada through the lenses of @manuelguillen_photography . . . . […]

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8 MUST DO activities in Granada (Part 1)

Its colonial charm, the warmth of its people, the gastronomy, natural attractions and nightlife entertainment make Granada the perfect destination. But to make the most of ‘La Gran Sultana’, we introduce 8 activities that you must do if you are visiting the oldest city in Nicaragua. Today we present 4 of them: 8. See Granada […]

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How to catch a Taxi in Granada?

Catching a Taxi in Granada is an Adventure in Itself. Everything begins on the corners, these are the best places to find an available taxi.  Before proceeding, let me elaborate on the word “available” a little bit… In Granada as in the rest of Nicaragua, taxis are collective; so do not be surprised if the […]

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Where to go in Nicaragua?

For any traveler, Nicaragua has it all. Beautiful beaches, colonial cities, adventure, forests, mountains and much more. Here you can find what every traveler wants on his vacation trip: disconnect, discover and enjoy. There are options of all kinds, luxury or budget, for couples or for families, adventure or resting. In short, it is ideal […]

Tertulia Granada
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Cuando la tertulia se sentó en la puerta

In celebration of the International Poetry Festival we have invited well known Nicaraguan writers to pen pieces for our blog. This first piece (in Spanish) is by Fernando López from Granada, who tells us about an interesting custom in Granada’s streets: “La Tertulia”. Fernando López Gutierrez. Cada ciudad tiene sus particularidades que la distinguen y […]

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Love, romance and poetry in Granada

It’s always a good day to show your partner how much they mean to you, but February is a particularly special month because it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect month to be even more attentive, more romantic and spontaneous. Find out all that Granada can offer in this very special month!

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Among the top destinations in 2017

Many people have called 2017 the year to travel and you surely have the desire to do it but, still not sure where to go? Then stop thinking more and add a trip to Nicaragua in your agenda, definitely the country to visit this year. It has been confirmed by many of the most recognized […]

Gritería Leon Festivities
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La Gritería

“La Gritería” is another important celebration in Nicaragua during December festivities. Unlike “Purísima”, that is celebrated throughout December, the “Gritería” takes place on December 7th on the eve of the “Day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary” celebrated worldwide on December 8th. Both, Purísima and Gritería, are organized by hosts or home owners. It is […]