6 Myths About Rainy Season in Granada

Rainy Season nicaragua
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6 Myths About Rainy Season in Granada

In Nicaragua we always refer to rainy season as “invierno” (winter).

Rainy Season Granada

Now that I have experienced winter in the northern hemisphere, I am convinced we live in the land of eternal summer and sunshine.  Even though it is common knowledge that we are a tropical weather country, there are still some myths -foreign & popular- about our rainy season:

1. “It never stops raining” – While heavy downpours are commonplace in other parts of Nicaragua during rainy season -May through October-, it does not rain everyday in Granada, sometimes a whole week goes by before we have to open our umbrellas.  This gives everyone -in the worst case- 8 hours of rain free daytime to be out exploring they city and its lush surroundings.

2. “The days are gray”– Rainy season is arguably the most beautiful time of the year, green exploding everywhere.  Almost always after -or before- the rain comes sunshine.  That is why instead of “rainy” we prefer to call it GREEN season, from today on forward.

3. “Rain will cool you down” – Temperatures remain around 32℃ during the day whether it rains or not.  So you get to travel light: shorts, t-shirts and a windbreaker will suffice.  It never gets cold in Granada!

4. “Hurricane-like winds” – Part of the country’s rainy season overlaps hurricane season in September & October.  Nicaragua has been hit by several hurricanes in the past; but in the Pacific side of the country, “hurricane” means rain and only if it’s a really big one.

5. “Con-artists are righting their wrongs” – This belief is part of the Granadino folklore as I have not heard it anywhere else.  It is said that when it rains with a clear and sunny sky, it means that con-artists are righting their wrongs.

6.“El cordonazo de San Francisco” – If we had to say this in english it would be something like “Saint Francis (cord) stroke”.  It is supposed to happen on October 4th, or around those dates, and it consists of a sudden thunderstorm.  The popular belief is that Saint Francis is upset with all sinners and so he whips his rope and the thunderstorm happens.

cordonazo san francisco

Green season is a lovely time to be in Granada for many reasons; one of them being the chance of getting a room at the Plaza Colón in May, June, September or October at great value.

So if you are traveling in those months and would like to find out about our offer let us know your dates!

Do you know or have heard of any other myths you would like to share with us?

Originally writetn by Maria Isabel Canton 2013.

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