The Charm of a Horse-Drawn Carriage

There’s a lovely surprise, at the Central Park of Granada. A line of decorated horse-drawn carriages which are usually driven by their owners or relatives. They have vast knowledge about the history and traditions of the city, and they definitely like to share it with tourists who decide take a ride arround town.   Today, […]

Tertulia Granada
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Cuando la tertulia se sentó en la puerta

In celebration of the International Poetry Festival we have invited well known Nicaraguan writers to pen pieces for our blog. This first piece (in Spanish) is by Fernando López from Granada, who tells us about an interesting custom in Granada’s streets: “La Tertulia”. Fernando López Gutierrez. Cada ciudad tiene sus particularidades que la distinguen y […]

Poetry romance granada
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Love, romance and poetry in Granada

It’s always a good day to show your partner how much they mean to you, but February is a particularly special month because it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect month to be even more attentive, more romantic and spontaneous. Find out all that Granada can offer in this very special month!

Gritería Leon Festivities
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La Gritería

“La Gritería” is another important celebration in Nicaragua during December festivities. Unlike “Purísima”, that is celebrated throughout December, the “Gritería” takes place on December 7th on the eve of the “Day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary” celebrated worldwide on December 8th. Both, Purísima and Gritería, are organized by hosts or home owners. It is […]

Purisima altar maría leon
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La Purísima

“La Purísima” is one of the most important celebrations of December in Nicaragua. It’s full of particularities that make it unique in the world. Continue reading to know more about this fascinating tradition. “La Purisima” and “La Gritería” are unique festivities in Nicaragua and each one is celebrated in a different way but, if we […]

Festivities Nicaragua Purisima
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December festivities in Nicaragua

In many parts of the world, December is known as a time of joy and sharing, but in Nicaragua this joy is strengthened. The hubbub floods the Nicaraguans and with it the streets and skies. Throughout the month you can hear many songs, rockets, bombs and fireworks. This happiness and good wishes are reflected in […]

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Cultural Flood in Granada

The poetic Carnival that took place on Wednesday was a cultural flood that brought together 115 poets from 51 different countries and tourists who also enjoyed the event. Performances and folkloric dances were part of the colorful list that symbolically buried “the violence of time and the violence against women”. The poets stopped on every […]

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Granada’s Sites of Interest: La Pólvora

The story of an iconic building in Nicaragua’s military history that is open to all visitors nowadays. At the end of Calle Real Xalteva stands one of the iconic buildings of Nicaragua’s military history. A fortress built in 1748 in the context of the war against pirates; its walls witnessed the indigenous rebellion against the […]

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The Corn Islands, jewels of the Caribbean

The islands are located 70 km from mainland in front of the Bluefields coast, they are the main tourist attraction in the Caribbean mainly due to the reefs and marine life. Legend has it that the islands got their name because of a spelling mistake made by the english pirates, who used to replenish their […]

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Ometepe: A Volcano Paradise on the Lake

…“Land of lakes and volcanoes” might have been inspired by Ometepe Island. Located in lake Cocibolca and formed by two volcanoes linked by a narrow isthmus, Ometepe is a one of a kind paradise with 276 square kilometers. Life in this island goes back to 1,500 years B.C. according to pre-columbian remains, petroglyphs, statues and […]

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