Art Collection

All of the artwork that you can enjoy in the Hotel is from Nicaraguan artists, some of the authors as follows:

Denis Nuñez

Denis Nuñez: Denis Jose Nunez Medina was born in Managua, Nicaragua on April 15th, 1953. He has exhibited internationally in Europe, Asia, North America and Central America, winning many awards. In the Dominican Republic, he won first in the second biennial of this country and first in first biennial of Nicaragua Art Center Fundacion Gurdián Ortiz. He studied at the School of Arts of Nicaragua from 1975 to 1979. He also studied painting at the School of Fine Arts in Paris, France.

Alejandro Arostegui

Alejandro Arostegui: Aróstegui was born in Bluefields, Nicaragua. In 1954, he began studies in the U.S. at Tulane and then at the Ringling School of Art. From 1960 to 1962 he went to the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris. He also co-founded Praxis, an influential group of young artists and intellectuals. He called it “a voice of painting, conscious of Nicaraguan reality.” Aróstegui served as director of the schools of fine arts in Managua and León. A central figure in 20th century Nicaraguan painting. He is particularly fond of smashed cans. With them, he shows us reflected images of solemn figures, and lost cities.

Norlan Santana

Norlan Santana: Nicaragua, 1977. He studied law at the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua then he left his college career to move to Costa Rica where he studied graphic design, but his main interest was always in plastic and is where he decides to resume their activity professionally at the age of 20. Muralist, photographer, sculptor and painter, essentially self-taught and highly prolific activity.

Oswaldo Caceres 2

Oswaldo Cáceres: is today one of the leading exponents of Nicaraguan modern plastic. His early paintings sought pictorial primitivism, drawing what he saw around, the mountains, the little house, the little birds, cattle, dogs, the festivities, but all that in an empirical way. if a merit has primitivism is freedom, spontaneity, naturalness and lack of artifice. His grandmother took him to Matagalpa to meet the Pinita Ernesto, artist who taught painting, she taught him new techniques in the treatment of colors and shaped his style to the point that she was the strongest influence he had at the time of his adolescence.