In 2009, Hotel Plaza Colón along with Careli Tours & FundeNic (NGO), came together to carry out for the first time in Nicaragua, the program ECO ESCUELAS. The program consists of providing environmental education in public schools and it is funded by the private sector. At that time this “pilot project”, was successfully executed for two years (2010/2011) in Pedro Joaquin Chamorro School in El Diamante, a small community along the shores of Lake Cocibolca. With the experience acquired during the pilot, the Eco School Program was launched on a national level and by the end of 2013, it was already being executed in 70 public schools.

To offer a sustainable option for guests that would like to help
Granada’s children, we have the “Plaza Colón” backpack available:

Pre-School: US $15.00
Elementary: US $17.00

*If You Wish To Contribute, Request The Backpack Of Your Preference To The Front Desk/Concierge; We Appreciate Your Contribution So Very Much!

The backpacks are delivered once a month to the School and are given to children who cannot afford them and that are also enthusiastic about the environment.


For 2013/2014, Hotel Plaza Colón sponsors this Program in Carlos A. Brav0 School (897 students), its main components are:

Activity # Students Teachers
Thematic Talks 44 897 38
Environmental Videos 25 897 38
Teaching Expeditions 02 38
Environmental Competitions 02 897 38
Workshops with Teachers 05 199
Master Talks 02 100 89
Cleaning Tasks 04 897 38
Ecological 01 897 38
Facility Projects 06

Production of Materials: Posters, Stickers, T-Shirts, Text Books Doanted to the School.