Sustainability Policy

Our sustainability policy has always been based on promoting the conservation of the environment and its resources, supporting the well-being and development of the local community and providing training and promoting individual’s initiatives among our human resources.


Sustainable practices:


  • Employing local tradesmen: All of our staff are Nicaraguan.  The carpenters, electricians, plumbers and workmen hired to do specific jobs are also part of the Granadino community.
  • Taking care of nature and air: Our Staff planted over 500 hardwood trees in 2016 order to create a forest that reduces the carbon footprint that can produce the hotel. Every Saturday part of our staff goes to the farm where the trees were planted to water them, remove the weeds, prune the grass and care for them to grow and give clean air to the community nearby.
  • Focus on buying all local produce: The product used for our breakfasts is all bought locally and fresh. The eggs served are organic and the coffee is Rainforest Alliance Verified.
  • Providing internship opportunities: We receive 2 or 3 interns per year from Escuela Taller de Granada to practice as housekeepers, cooks and servers.  We also host internships for Hospitality graduates from different colleges.
  • Recycling: All of the plastic, glass, paper, cardboard and aluminum is recycled.
  • Reduce environmental impact: All our amenities (soap, shampoo etc.) are biodegradable products.
  • Water and electricity conservation programs:
    • We monitor our water and energy consumption and along executing the conservation programs internally.
    • We involve our guest through our linen (both towels and sheets) reuse program in all guest rooms
    • We have changed all our internal and external lighting devices to a Led lighting system.
    • We have changed our air conditioning units into Inverter units with environmentally friendly refrigerant
    • Our operation staff works in the preventive maintenance of toilets, faucets, filters, and all the hotel equipment.
  • Supporting community projects: Yo Puedo Leer School, Vida Joven, Casa Lupita, UpNicaragua and Operation Smile.
  • ECO-School program: Our Hotel is part of the program ECO-School; we sponsor this Program in the Carlos A. Bravo School (+800 students) providing environmental education to teachers and students of diverse grades.
  • Plaza Colón Back Pack: We offer a sustainable option for our guests that would like to help Granada’s children, by buying “Plaza Colón Backpack”. The backpacks are delivered once a month to the School and are given to the children who cannot afford them and that are also enthusiastic about the environment.
  • Art Collection: All of the artwork that you can enjoy in the Hotel is from Nicaraguan artists such as Denis Nuñez, Alejandro Arostegui, Norlan Santana and Oswaldo Cáceres.

Thanks to this policy and our commitment with the environment and the community, wel signed an agreement with Rainforest Alliance shortly after the Hotel beginning operations; since then, we have worked in the implementation of Rainforest Alliance’s sustainability criteria and now we are Certified by this organization.