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Among the top destinations in 2017

Many people have called 2017 the year to travel and you surely have the desire to do it but, still not sure where to go? Then stop thinking more and add a trip to Nicaragua in your agenda, definitely the country to visit this year. It has been confirmed by many of the most recognized […]

Gritería Leon Festivities
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La Gritería

“La Gritería” is another important celebration in Nicaragua during December festivities. Unlike “Purísima”, that is celebrated throughout December, the “Gritería” takes place on December 7th on the eve of the “Day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary” celebrated worldwide on December 8th. Both, Purísima and Gritería, are organized by hosts or home owners. It is […]

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The Corn Islands, jewels of the Caribbean

The islands are located 70 km from mainland in front of the Bluefields coast, they are the main tourist attraction in the Caribbean mainly due to the reefs and marine life. Legend has it that the islands got their name because of a spelling mistake made by the english pirates, who used to replenish their […]

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Ometepe: A Volcano Paradise on the Lake

…“Land of lakes and volcanoes” might have been inspired by Ometepe Island. Located in lake Cocibolca and formed by two volcanoes linked by a narrow isthmus, Ometepe is a one of a kind paradise with 276 square kilometers. Life in this island goes back to 1,500 years B.C. according to pre-columbian remains, petroglyphs, statues and […]

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Masaya, a destination near Granada

…a good option filled with history and culture is Masaya, located a few miles away. Masaya’s first attraction are its handicrafts and cultural expressions, that is why it is known as “The cradle of the Nicaraguan Folklore”. The best craftsmen of Nicaragua are said to be in Masaya, you can find every type of souvenir […]

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