The Corn Islands, jewels of the Caribbean

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The Corn Islands, jewels of the Caribbean

The islands are located 70 km from mainland in front of the Bluefields coast, they are the main tourist attraction in the Caribbean mainly due to the reefs and marine life.

Legend has it that the islands got their name because of a spelling mistake made by the english pirates, who used to replenish their meat supply on the islands; the word for meat in Spanish is “Carne”, so it is assumed that they wrote Corn instead of Carne. The alternative is that the islands got that name because corn used to be grown there.

The islands were under England’s rule until 1894, when Nicaragua’s government claimed sovereignty over them. Creole english is the main language in the Caribbean.

Since the islands were on the pirate’s route there is a good chance that there might be ships sunken with treasures around them. Truth to be told, both islands are a perfect destination for relaxation, unplugging from the noises of the modern world and reconnecting with nature.

Corn Island (or Big Corn Island) is about 10 square km, three times bigger than its neighbor Little Corn Island, located to the north of the Caribbean. North End and Sally Peaches on Corn Island offer beautiful beaches, coral reefs full of marine life which makes diving a great option here. Some of the most beautiful sights of the long white sand beaches are to be had on the South End and Long Bay.

15 km. away from the big Island is Little Corn Island, 2.9 square km. in size. There are no roads, no cars, no TV’s: just postcards images provided by its landscapes. Almost all of the island is covered in forest but there are many lodging options.

The easiest way to get to Corn Island is by air from Managua or Ometepe Island. One hour and 45 minutes later you will be landing on the Island’s airport.

From here, Little Corn Island is 40 minutes away on a fun panga ride.

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