The Garden Café: Between plants, coffee and books!

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The Garden Café: Between plants, coffee and books!

Today we want to tell you a little bit about one of the most iconic restaurants in the City of Granada: The Garden Café.

In 2007, Xiomara Díaz, from Managua, and Damien Hopkins, from California, decided to create an original restaurant concept with the idea to provide healthy foods, sustainable jobs and showcase Granada’s culture. This is how, on August 13, 2007, The Garden Café was born with a team of 4 people and a deep desire for innovation.

Why name it Garden Café

The name was selected just when Xiomara and Damien visited a beautiful old Spanish Colonial House where they noticed that in the center there was a little piece of land, dirty and abandoned. They found that space as the ideal to create a beautiful garden, and once it became a garden, they decided that it would be called that way.

The Garden Café is a place where you can enjoy healthy food, with fresh local ingredients prepared by Nicaraguans. But also new recipes “with a different touch”! In addition, they offer their visitors a small library and a store where you can find hand made crafts and artisan products.

The Team

The staff is one of the fundamental pillars of the restaurant since they have been with Garden Café from the first day; collaborating together, with enthusiasm learning new things. Definitely the good vibes of each one of the collaborators offers you a mood of peace, happiness and tranquility.

Community and enviroment

For the The Garden Café team the environment and the community matters and therefore good sustainability practices are carried out, such as: no straws, no plastic bags, no poroplast and avoid materials that can harm the environment. They also separate the garbage by categories and it is donated to recyclers.

Positive Impact

The main objective of The Garden Café is to generate a positive impact in Granada, through its nutritious foods, creative spaces and transparent actions in the community. They long to inspire their clients, staff, suppliers and the entire community to do the same. According to Xiomara, this makes it a business model for any other company.A couple of years ago, they created Unleash Potential Nicaragua (Up Nicaragua) to work with vulnerable girls in Granada and turn them into a “women with a bright future”.


If you decide to visit this beautiful place; you can not leave without enjoying a delicious smoothie, its texture is unique and the flavor: incomparable! They also offer incredible salads with homemade dressings. And if what you’re looking for is 100% nica food, you have to try “yes” or “yes”, the breakfast “chapiollo” or a “nacatamal”, you will not regret it! Just stop-by and say hello, you will stay.


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