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Fortaleza La Pólvora

It was built in 1748 to store the gunpowder that could not be kept at El Castillo in the San Juan River due to the humidity of the area. It was then used for troops and later as a prison.

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La Merced Church Tower

This church was considered one of the most beautiful buildings back in the day, it has been restored and enlarged several times.

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Horse Carriage Stroll

The best way to enjoy the architecture of the city and experience how the Granadinos used to ride in the past. The carriages are located in front of the Hotel.

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Las Isletas

Formed by an eruption of Mombacho Volcano, these 360+ islands have incredible lush vegetation and provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy nature. The best way to get there is to take a taxi to Cabaña Amarilla and hire a boat.

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