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We’re proud of being a hotel with Sustainable Practices

From energy-efficient lighting to recycling activities, we’re committed to doing our part for a greener future. Our guests can feel good about staying with us, knowing that they’re supporting sustainable practices. Join us in our efforts to preserve the planet for future generations.

Our Sustainability Policy

Hotel Plaza Colón has always been based on promoting the conservation of the environment and supporting the well-being and development of the local community.

Discover our practices

Sustainable Initiatives

Plaza Colon Forest

We are focused on taking care of nature and air. In 2016, Our Staff planted over 500 hardwood trees of eighth different species, in order to create a forest that reduces the carbon footprint that can be produced by the daily operations of our hotel.  During the first years, every Saturday part of our staff went to the farm where the trees were planted to water them, remove the weeds, prune the grass and taking care of them to let them grow and give clean air to the nearby community. Now we can proudly enjoy of this green space that have become the home of many kinds of birds

Art Collection

All of the artworks that you can admire in the hotel are a collection of different paintings of recognized Nicaraguan artists such as Denis Nuñez, Alejandro Arostegui, Norlan Santana and Oswaldo Cáceres.

Plaza Colon Back Pack

We offer a sustainable option for our guests that would like to help Granada’s children, by buying “Plaza Colón Backpack”. The backpacks are delivered once a month to the School and are given to the children who cannot afford them and that are also enthusiastic about the environment.

If you are interested in contributing with the education of children in Granada’s local communities, here you have an opportunity!


Is a non-profit organization that supports better land management and business practices that benefit people, nature and the climate.  Preferred by Nature offers accommodations and tour operators, including Destination Management Companies, certification and services to help them improve and promote their environmental, social and economic practices. Our Sustainable Tourism Standards for Accommodations and Tour Operators are GSTC-recognised standards, which means that the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) has recognised them as equivalent to their GSTC Criteria for sustainable travel.

Hotel Plaza Colón holds Preferred by NatureTM certification for demonstrating full compliance with the business, socio-cultural and environmental principles of its Sustainable Tourism Standard for Accommodations.