logomonisaHotel Plaza Colón is the only boutique hotel in Granada fully owned and operated by Nicaraguans and although it has been in operation for only 9 years, its parent company MONISA (HACCP Certified), has been the region’s number one employer for almost 50 years. An agreement with Rainforest Alliance was signed shortly after the Hotel begun operations; since then, we have worked in the implementation of Rainforest Alliance’s sustainability criteria and are Verified  by this organization every year.

Our sustainability policy has always been based on promoting the conservation of the environment and its resources, supporting the well being and development of the local community and providing training and promoting individual’s initiatives among our human resources.

Some examples of our sustainable practices:

  • Focus on buying all local produce:  The produce used for our breakfasts is all bought locally and fresh.  The eggs served are organic and the coffee is Rainforest Alliance Verified.
  • Employing local tradesmen:  All of our staff are Nicaraguan.  The carpenters, electricians, plumbers and workmen hired to do specific jobs are also part of the Granadino community.
  • Providing internship opportunities:  We receive 2 or 3 interns per year from Escuela Taller de Granada to practice as housekeepers, cooks and servers.  We also host internships for Hospitality graduates from different colleges.
  • Implementing recycling:  All of the plastic, glass, paper, cardboard and aluminum is recycled.
  • Executing water and electricity conservation programs:  We monitor our water and energy consumption and along executing the conservation programs internally, we encourage our guests to take part in them.
  • Supporting community projects: Yo Puedo Leer School, Vida JovenCasa Lupita and Operation Smile.


All of the artwork that you can enjoy in the Hotel is from Nicaraguan artists, some of the authors as follows:

Denis Nuñez: Denis José Núñez Medina nació en Managua, Nicaragua el 15 de abril de 1953. Ha expuesto internacionalmente en Europa, Asia, Norteamérica y Centro América ganando premios. En República Dominicana primer lugar en la segunda bienal de este país y primer lugar en primer bienal de Nicaragua de la fundación Ortiz Gurdián. Estudió en la escuela de artes de Nicaragua 1975 – 1979, también estudio pintura técnica escuela superior de bellas artes, París, Francia.

Alejandro Arostegui: (1935-) Pintor, dibujante, muralista, nicaragüense nacido el 04 de julio de 1935 en Bluefields, Nicaragua. Pintor nicaragüense considerado de gran importancia en Latino América. Introdujo una visión universal con el uso de elementos no tradicionales en la pintura Nicaragüense. Fundador del Grupo, galería y revista Praxis. Reconocido por prestigiosos críticos de Latino América, Estados Unidos y Europa. Ha realizado exposiciones individuales en importantes museos de América y Europa. Trabaja en técnica mixta, collage y texturas sobre tela dentro del paisaje telúrico y lacustre nicaragüense.

Norlan Santana: Norlan Santana, Nicaragua, 1977. Estudia Derecho en la Universidad Politécnica de Nicaragua, luego abandona esta carrera para trasladarse a Costa Rica donde realiza estudios de Diseño Gráfico, sin embargo su interés principal siempre estuvo en la plástica y es donde decide retomar su actividad de manera profesional a los 20 años, muralista, fotógrafo, escultor y pintor, de formación esencialmente autodidacta y de gran actividad prolífica.

Oswaldo Cáceres:


In 2009, Hotel Plaza Colón along with Careli Tours & FundeNic (NGO), came together to carry out for the first time in Nicaragua, the program ECO ESCUELAS.  The program consists of providing environmental education in public schools and it is funded by the private sector.  At that time, this “pilot project”, was successfully executed for two years (2010/2011) in Pedro Joaquin Chamorro School in El Diamante, a small community along the shores of Lake Cocibolca.  With the experience acquired during the pilot, the Eco Scholl Program was launched on a national level and by the end of 2013, it was already being executed in 70 public schools.

For 2015, Hotel Plaza Colón sponsors this Program in the Carlos A. Bravo School (+800 students), its main components are:




Students Teachers
Thematic Talks




Environmental Videos




Teaching Expeditions



Environmental Competitions




Workshops with Teachers



Master Talks




Cleaning Tasks




Ecological Fairs




Facility Projects


Production of Materials

(Posters, Stickers, T-Shirts, Text Books Donated to the School)

To offer a sustainable option for guests that would like to help Granada’s children, we have the “Plaza Colón Backpack” available:

Pre-School: US $15.00

Elementary: US $17.00

*If you wish to contribute, request the backpack of your preference to the Concierge; we appreciate your contribution so very much!

The backpacks are delivered once a month to the School and are given to the children who cannot afford them and that are also enthusiastic about the environment.

We are very proud of this program and we hope other businesses in the city join efforts with FundeNic in order to take the Program to more schools in Granada.

If you wish to be up to date on the development of the Program, join us on Facebook: Hotel Plaza Colón


If you want to contribute or visit the ECO SCHOOL, contact our General Manager and she will give you detailed information on the school needs and the different ways you could contribute to this cause.

There are other organizations in Granada that provide aid for children: